YCT Development Corporation was founded 1996 in West Samoa by Mr. Yeh Cheng Tsai, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer under Licence No.: 2471. The organizations’ scope of business service is defined as the custody, transfer, and deposit of global historical assets and private capital of institutions and/or individuals for the purpose of recording, filing and reconciliation .

The company is guided by principles which promote long term peace for human kind and global environmental protections. It seeks to strengthen social welfare and advance medical and education systems around the globe. In addition, the corporation finances international projects and helps to develop and/or establish new organizations. YCT Development Corporation supports the normalization and stabilization of the world economic system.

Successful joint venture agreements between YCT Development Corporation and three international organizations have been executed in the past:

GEPT – JAPAN-ASIAN Consortium Member
IMFC – INC. – ASIAN Consortium Member, in 1998/Japan.

Further it co-founded and established the S.A.V.E. Global Humanitarian Foundation/Fund and P.R.O. 14646 Global Foundation/ Fund as operative platforms to realize the objectives and principles that all organizations share together. Their aim to regenerate historical assets into a new 21 Century Investment Fund in the spirit of “proposed and executed by citizens to benefit citizens”.

For the purpose of effectively utilizing funds generated by the return of historical assets and private capital the founder committee of all three organizations jointly established the YCT Development Bank and S.A.V.E. Humanitarian Development Bank in 2002/2003. These are non-public banks serving specific technical and international purposes and will be activated upon receipt of appropriate international licences to execute designated operations.

Promoting the principles that all organizations share together