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The Horn & Horn Global Group corporations were established to provide the International Banking, Finance and Commercial Community worldwide a resource for coordinating their commercial or financial operations with supranational financial and governmental organizations. The list of organizations encompasses the United Nations Organizations for Development and Finance, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group as well as other Development Banks, International Governmental Treasuries and their respective institutions.

The Horn & Horn Global Group offers assistance for financial transactions to the commercial and investment community in the private sector and/or on behalf of those organizations specifically linked to Horn & Horn. In this respect the group provides selected contacts, consulting and registrations services as well as administrative or coordination services.

The Horn & Horn Global Group is devoted to the “Global Compact Goals“ and to the United Nations Charters’ New Investment Doctrine“ as well as accountable projects of the One Global Trust. The agreements and principals were adopted to insure that global trading and economic activities should not solely occur for reason of profit but rather be initiated on the fundamental belief that good and fair business can uplift humanity and promote human rights.

All who affirm their intention for fairness and honesty in their trading with other members of the world economic, financial and social community or wish to offer aid for capacity building are invited to join us on our journey for more peace and stability on earth.

The corporations Horn & Horn – Global Networking and Horn & Horn – Global Investments are the solely recognized and authorized Registration Offices for all private and public entities, including corporations, organizations and foundations, who desire to participate in the international project activities of the Supreme Organizations “P.R.O. 14646 Global Foundation / P.R.O. 14646 Headquarters, Department of Finance and Economics, and the S.A.V.E. Humanitarian Development Foundations/Funds“ and their allied or subsidiary entities worldwide.

Our business partners are invited to join us on our journey