The Horn & Horn Global Group provides assistance to organizations who wish to optimize corporate performance goals. We carefully assess the needs of our partners and offer support in finding the best arrangements for issues regarding their business environment and strategic decision making. Our experience provides us the expertise necessary to examine the general factors that impact organizations and subsequently, accompany an organization along the strategic development path they choose to implement.

Joint Venture

The internationalization of the economy puts increasing pressure on organizations to sustain their viability by adjusting to market demands, (i.e. grow organically) and strengthening themselves through strategic partnerships. In this context, Horn & Horn Global Group provides a diversity of expertise in the successful preparation and implementation of powerful joint venture cooperations. That creates tangible benefits for all parties.

Project Funding

Companies face a variety of economic, strategic and legal issues. A timely response to these forces can lay the foundation for the future success of ambitious projects or whole organizations. The legal framework and rock solid financial base of a company are the critical elements for maintaining success. They provide security from the beginning and are crucial for the company’s operations and competitive advantage. The Horn & Horn Global Group offers solutions in the procurement of investment capital of all kind, especially equity capital, to support the realization of ambitious operations and marvelous endeavours. In addition we provide assistance for specific banking procedures and financial placements to respective partners.


Successful realization of ambitious projects requires a crucial precondition: the right people. The Horn & Horn Global Group aspires to see appropriate partners matched to a project in order that dynamic synergies develop and superior performances result in a successful realization of that project. We provide coordination services to our network partners and to public or private organizations.


Regardless of industry and size, companies face an unmanageable number of regulations that all need to be considered. Infringements can result in loss of image, high fines and claims for damages or even criminal investigations. Only those who recognize the risks in good time can avoid them. Creating a compliance system that is always ready for action is of the utmost importance for security in business. The Horn & Horn Global Group offers to analyze the risk factors of an organization and supports the development and implementation of tailor – made prevention systems. Together with our international network and official cooperation partners, we provide the level of a broad expertise necessary to secure international businesses and up-market transactions.

We are guided by a commitment to integrity and security in the conduct of business