Horn & Horn Global Networking is a dynamic corporation with focus on the realization of comprehensive operations on a global level. Our history of participation in international projects has provided us expansive insight and knowledge of how to successfully conduct ambitious and up-market projects. Our access to specific structures and our network of powerful cooperation partners and international organizations provides us extensive opportunity for collaboration and synergies. Therefore we can assist in the intermediation and monitoring of strategic partnerships and aim in this respects to represent our collaborators‘ interests as well. In addition we provide support for the project evaluation and coordination in the realization of project investments. Moreover we give consulting and services for economic and financial affairs. However we alone determine which corporations and organizations may be selected to join our network. After a successful initial examination, suitable candidates must continue to submit themselves to comply with legal and service standards set by the respective authorities and by us. Following these requirements ensures stable legal contract conditions and proper business contacts.

Horn & Horn Global Investments is a powerful corporation whose consistent investment philosophy uses security driven processes to conduct successful investments. We believe that successful investing requires experience and discipline be equally applied in order to achieve and maintain good long lasting and consistent results. We patiently analyze promising opportunities and base our decisions on our highest convictions.

Horn & Horn Global Investments assists in all fields of capital procurement, financial planning, capital disposition and project investments. We lend assistance for specific bank and capital transactions through our network of strong collaboration partners. As a private equity driven corporation with an independent charter, we arrange funding using private placement investments in strategic worldwide banking operations. Thus we invest in all kinds of capital structures and embrace innovative projects with sustainable returns. These investments are realized in all classic economic sectors with priority given to future oriented projects of the primary and secondary production sector with special emphasis on the energy and food sectors.

The Horn & Horn Global Group is guided by a commitment to integrity and therefore places consequential importance upon a high level of security in the conduct of business with respective partners in order that a reliable and trustworthy implementation of projects be successfully achieved.

We are born global & collaborate worldwide